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Help with Meeting & Greeting’ Service

The ‘Help with Meeting & Greeting’ Service includes meeting and accompanying a passenger who the service has been pre-ordered for by the accompanying person or any third person (instead of the passenger) at the airport.

An employee of the airport:

  • meets the passenger with a sign at the exit from the boarding bridge, if the aircraft is positioned onto a contact stand, or at the entrance to the arrivals area after getting off from the bus, if the aircraft is not positioned onto a contact stand;
  • accompanies the passenger to the border control area for the passenger to go through passport control procedures on equal basis (in case of an international flight);
  • accompanies the passenger to the baggage claim area for the passenger to reclaim his/her luggage from the carousel;
  • accompanies the passenger to the customs control area, where the passenger independently chooses the ‘green’/’red’ channel to go through the customs control procedures (in case of an international flight);
  • accompanies the passenger to the exit from the passenger terminal or any other place inside the passenger terminal at the passenger’s request;
  • provides the passenger information support along the entire route.

The ‘Help with Meeting & Greeting’ Service is provided to an arriving passenger, subject to the passenger having a paid Order.

Cost and Ordering of the Service

Cost per 1 passenger:

 Product Amount (base tariff) w/o VAT VAT rate Amount (base tariff) with VAT Tariff effective starting from
 Help with Meeting&Greeting* 2 916.67 RUB 20% 3 500 RUB 31.03.2024

Kids up to 2 years of age are serviced free of charge.

The service can be provided to passengers up to 18 years of age only if they are accompanied by a full-age passenger.

You can purchase the ‘Help with Meeting&Greeting’ service using the link, at the information desk (Meeting Point) on the ground floor of the passenger terminal or at К231 desk in the new segment of the passenger terminal of Domodedovo Airport (international flights).

If you want to cancel or change your order, please notify us 2 hours before flight departure.

If you cancel your order we will refund you 100% of your payment.