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Passengers with impaired vision

Planning unaccompanied travel?

We offer 24/7 assistance to passengers with disabilities. Our staff will meet you and assist with completing the required procedures both when departing from and arriving at Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

Contact us at: +7-495-933-66-66


Book your ticket:

When booking your flight, indicate to the airline that you are a passenger with special needs.

We recommend that you book your flight in advance. It may happen that the airline is unable to take you on board because of the restrictions on the number of passengers requiring special attention during the flight.

If you need to cancel your booking, try to inform the airline as soon as possible to that your seat becomes available to other passengers with disabilities.

Contact the airline:

Not later than 48 hours prior to departure contact the airline you are flying with and ask them to confirm that they are able to carry you. Indicate whether you are traveling accompanied or not. Describe the passenger's special needs, ask the necessary questions. This will make the flight as comfortable as possible.


  • Same security rulesapply to check-in baggage and cabin baggage;
  • Airline is responsible for your wheelchair;
  • Airport neither accepts wheelchairs for storage nor has any for hire.


Traveling alone without an accompanying person? You can request assistance from our staff responsible for services to passengers with disabilities. If necessary, our staff will meet you and assist with completing the required procedures both when departing from and arriving at Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

Escort is provided FREE OF CHARGE and around the clock. Escort can be pre-ordered by contacting the airline.

Contact us at: +7-495-933-66-66.


If you are traveling with a guide dog in the cabin, notify the airline in advance. Please check your airline's rules of carriage of guide dogs. As a rule, the guide dog stays by the visually impaired passenger's seat (must wear a collar and muzzle, and is leashed to the seat at the passenger's side).

If you are traveling on an international flight, remember
that some countries have strict restrictions on the import of animals. Study in advance the regulations governing import of dogs into the destination country and prepare all the necessary documents evidencing the dog's health.

Documents that may be required for the carriage of a guide dog include:

  • dog's pet passport;
  • veterinary statement of the dog's health, including vaccinations;
  • statement from the kennel club that the dog is of no breeding value.


Free parking

Our car parks offer FREE PARKING to people with disabilities.

Parking spaces closest to the Terminal are reserved for passengers with disabilities. Some of the parking spaces are equipped with barriers to keep them free. To get access to a dedicated parking space, call in a parking assistant. To do this:

  • contact the operator at the nearest automatic parking terminal;
  • or contact the car park supervisor at +7 916 509 52 93.

To leave the car park free of charge, contact the car park administrator (multi-level Parking P2 1st floor, office 1.3 or by calling the operator at the nearest automatic parking terminal).

Airport Terminal map

Первый этаж

Detailed map of the Terminal is available here.


Check-in of passengers with reduced mobility is only available at the airport.
Advance check-in and online check-in are not possible.