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Information for PRM


Help desk at Moscow Domodedovo Airport.
We will answer all your questions.

+7 495 933 66 66

We offer 24/7 assistance to passengers with disabilities.
Our staff will meet you and assist with completing the required procedures both when departing from and arriving at Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

Car parking assistance at Moscow Domodedovo Airport/
We offer free parking for vehicles carrying passengers with disabilities.

+7 916 509 52 93

Before the flight

Please read our recommendations to passengers with special needs about preparing for flight.


Traveling alone without an accompanying person? You can request assistance from our staff responsible for services to passengers with disabilities. If necessary, our staff will meet you and assist with completing the required procedures both when departing from and arriving at Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

If the escort service was requested at the airport without prior reservation, it is provided on a first-come, first-served basis (as the escort agents are available). Please note that in this case there could be some loss of time before boarding. So we recommend you to arrive at the airport in advance: no later than 1 hour 40 minutes before departure in case of international flights and no later than 1 hour 30 minutes in case of domestic flights.

Upon arrival at the airport:

Call +7 495 933-66-66 to the service for the provision of services to passengers with disabilities / to the registration section of your flight to call the assistant, or go to the Lounge on your own (after inspection at the entrance to the passenger terminal, follow the “Service for persons with limited mobility”);

You must have: a ticket, boarding pass, passport, disability certificate, or a medical certificate that confirms the need for accompaniment, a boarding pass.

Escort is provided FREE OF CHARGE and around the clock. Escort can be pre-ordered by contacting the airline.

Wheelchairs are provided for passengers who are unable to move on their own for temporary use on the territory of the airport.

In order to get a wheelchair, go to the Lounge after inspection at the entrance to the passenger terminal, follow the signs for «Service for persons with limited mobility»).

Any questions? Contact the help desk of the Moscow Domodedovo Airport at +7 495 933 66 66.

If you use a wheelchair:

Most likely, you will need to provide your airline with the following characteristics of your wheelchair: model, dimensions, weight and type of battery (if it is an electric buggy).

Please pay attention that not all aircraft are suited for transportation of battery-powered wheelchairs due to aviation security reasons.

If you are travelling without escort, please specify whether you need anyone who will help you move the wheelchair during the flight. Please also check with your airline if it is possible to transport your wheelchair in the cabin or, if it is not, how to check it in as luggage and pick it up at the airport of destination upon arrival.

To give you a possibility to move inside the cabin of the aircraft, airlines provide special wheelchairs whose sizes can differ from the ones you are used to.

Bed patients:

In order to check if it is possible to transport a patient on a stretcher, please contact your airline.

You will be required to notify the airline about the character and stage of disease, medical indications and special conditions for air travel, as well as provide medical opinions.

Phone numbers of representative offices and partner airlines of Moscow Domodedovo Airport can be found at the following link.


Please notify your airline in advance that you will need to take your guide dog onboard. You are encouraged to check transportation rules for assistance dogs with your airline. As a rule, a guide dog is transported for free next to the seat of the visually impaired passenger (it must have a collar and a muzzle, as well as all corresponding documents).

If you take an international flight, pay attention!
In some countries strict limitations apply to imported animals. Please read rules of taking dogs into the country of destination in advance and execute necessary documents confirming the dog’s health.

Documents for transportation of an assistance dog:

  • Pet passport for the dog;
  • Certificate on the health status of the dog, with specified data about vaccinations;
  • Letter from a canine club indicating that the dog does not have a breeding value.

Waiting area

The PRM lounge is FREE OF CHARGE for passengers.

When visiting the Lounge, a PRM passenger and his or her escort need to be registered by the Lounge Attendant.

Documents required for registration of passengers for service in the PRM Lounge:

  • Passport or an ID document;
  • Document proving the reduced mobility or other physical impairments of the passenger (disabled person’s identification card, medical certificate, etc.);
  • Air ticket or boarding pass.

It is allowed for one escort person to stay with the physically impaired passenger in the PRM Lounge for service (exception: a family with a child where one of the parents is a disabled/physically impaired passenger).

Passengers are accepted for service in the PRM Lounge not earlier than 4 hours before the departure time.

Should the passenger and his/her escort leave the PRM Lounge before the invitation for boarding, they need to inform the Lounge Attendant about it first.


Same security rules to check-in baggage and cabin baggage.

Baggage of a passenger with reduced mobility is carried with the help of an accompanying passenger.

You can also use the services of baggage delivery. Baggage delivery service operates inside the airport complex (prior to pre-flight inspection) and in the adjacent territory.

After arriving at Moscow Domodedovo Airport:

Free parking

Our car parks are FREE for people with disabilities.

Parking spaces closest to the Terminal are reserved for passengers with disabilities. Some of the parking spaces are equipped with barriers to keep them free. To get access to a dedicated parking space, call in a parking assistant.

To do this contact the operator at the nearest automatic parking terminal or contact the car park supervisor at +7 916 509 52 93.

To leave the car park free of charge, contact the car park administrator (multi-level Parking P2 1st floor, office 1.3 or by calling the operator at the nearest automatic parking terminal).

To leave the car park, use the ticket received at the entrance.

To avoid inconvenience, do not leave your parking ticket in the parked car.

Getting to the Terminal

Areas adjacent to the Terminal are fully adapted for people with reduced mobility (i.e. ramps, handrails, special tactile tiles). Entrance doors are equipped with buttons slowing down the rotation of the door for your convenience.

Airport Terminal map

Detailed map of the Terminal is available here.

Emergency call terminals

You can contact PRM service staff using the emergency call terminals (Assistance racks) located at the entrance No. 3 (from the curbside) and near the payment terminals at P3 parking.


Passengers with impaired hearing an listen to public announcements through the induction system. The induction system's coverage is indicated by appropriate signage. The system covers the main areas of the airport: the departures and arrivals areas, baggage claim area, common area of the Terminal.

Dogs-guides walking is carried out no closer than 50 meters from the building of the passenger terminal.

All toilets in the airport are equipped with call buttons for PRM service staff.


Our employees will ensure the fastest and most convenient passage of airport procedures, as well as assist with baggage check-in and check-in.


  • When staying at the airport, you must comply with security requirements.
  • If you used the escort service, you must comply with and fulfill the requirements of the airport employee (Agent) accompanying you.
  • In case of non-compliance with the requirements of the Agent, the passenger or his accompanying person bears responsibility for the life and health of the passenger.