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Minors accompanied by an adult

Be sure to read your airline's
rules of travel with children to make you flight convenient, comfortable, and pleasant.

Rules of travel with children

Rules may vary depending on the airline, but the following is a general guideline:

Newborns. Typically, doctors advise against flying with newborns under the age of 7 days. If this is still necessary - please consult your doctor and confirm with your airline the possibility of flying with a newborn child.

Children up to 2 years can be transported only if accompanied by an adult (parent, guardian) and either a separate ticket without seat reservation is issued or the child is included in the adult's ticket. Please keep this in mind.

Children aged 2 to 5 years can fly only if accompanied by an adult (parent, guardian) and a separate seat is reserved.

Children aged 5 to 12 years may, if necessary, fly unaccompanied. In this case, the child is accompanied by a crew member of the aircraft. Please confirm the terms in which this service is provided with your airline.


When buying tickets and packing, check the list of travel documents that your child will need.

Children up to 2 years

If you are flying with an infant, be sure to report this when booking the ticket. This will allow the airline to make necessary preparations.

Do not forget to confirm the following:

  1. Whether cradle will be provided: as a rule, airlines has cradles for babies on their flights, but you need to notify the airline in advance (usually not less than one day).
  2. Whether baby food can be pre-ordered on your flight, how early it should be pre-ordered from the airline.

Stroller/baby carriage

Уточните у авиакомпании:

  1. Check with the airline whether stroller/baby carriage is accepted as cabin baggage.
  2. Whether stroller/baby carriage can be dropped off as check-in baggage immediately before boarding the aircraft.

Please note! If you have a connecting flight:
At the transfer airport you can temporarily claim the stroller/baby carriage dropped off before boarding
at Moscow Domodedovo Airport, or leave it in the baggage.

If the stroller/baby carriage was dropped off as check-in baggage and only baggage tag was issued, at the transfer airport it will be handled as transfer baggage and loaded on the connecting flight.

If you have a long connection and you may need the stroller/baby carriage, make sure you have a special tag for claiming the stroller/baby carriage at aircraft exit, if it is technically possible at the transfer airport, the stroller/baby carriage will be returned to you after landing.

At the airport:

Estimate of time required to complete the necessary pre-flight procedures.
Moscow Domodedovo Airport offers all facilities to make the waiting time before departure as comfortable as possible for both children and their accompanying adults.

Baby care room

Level 1, common area of the Terminal
Opening hours: 24/7
Price: free

Lounge room, changing table, clothes dryer, kitchenette for preparing baby food, high chairs.

Baby carriages

Level 1, international departures airside
Level 1, domestic departures airside
Level 2, after the pre-flight inspection area
Level 2, baby care room of passenger terminal
Opening hours: around the clock
Fee: Free of charge

Having checked in your own baby carriage, you can use our service for the provision of baby carriages.

Children's playrooms

After going through the pre-flight procedures:
Level 2, international departures airside
Level 2, domestic departures airside
Opening hours: 24/7, no limitations on duration of stay
Price: free

Play area for children aged 1 to 5 years. Here little passengers can have fun before a flight.

Older children?

Discuss travel plans, take a snack or buy a book to read on the flight, browse the Internet, play games or... watch the airplanes!!!