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Check in your baggage

Baggage is checked in at the airport during passenger check-in at check-in desks , or at baggage drop-off desks if you have checked in online, at a self-service check-in kiosk, or 24 hours before departure.

Please read the cabin baggage and check-in baggage allowances.

Baggage allowance

Allowance and restrictions on baggage are set by the airline. Please check baggage size and weight allowance in advance.

There is a special check-in procedure for excess and oversized baggage.

Following is not accepted as standard baggage:

  • rolling items: tubes, balls, round bags;
  • bags with long loose straps;
  • soft or unstable items (e.g. plastic bags);
  • fragile items: electronics, glass;
  • animals;
  • metal trolley bags.

Baggage must not have labels and barcodes remaining from previous flights. Long straps must be removed, and handles tied together. If you have not wrapped your baggage, you can do this at one of the baggage wrap stands, located in the check-in area on Level 1 of the Terminal near its entrances.

Baggage check-in

You can check in your baggage at an airport desk when checking in for the flight
or at a baggage drop-off desk of your airline. You can get directions to the drop-off desks at your airline's help desk or at the check-in desks of your flight.

Excess baggage:

Airline determines baggage weight that passenger can take free of charge. If baggage weighs more, it is considered excess baggage. Excess baggage fees are set by the airline..
ПIf the aircraft is fully loaded and your baggage is significantly above the allowance, baggage check-in may be refused.

Payment of excess baggage is made at special desks
located in the central part of the Terminal.

Oversized baggage:

Airline determines maximum size of the baggage that is accepted for carriage. If the baggage exceeds the limits, it is considered oversized and must be checked in separately. Please check with your airline whether oversized baggage can be carried

Check in your oversized baggage at the check-in desk and then take it to the oversized baggage desk (desks 46 and 96)..

If your baggage exceeds the free weight allowance, you will be asked to pay for the excess weight at the airline's rates.

Oversized baggage fee is charged based on its actual weight.

Travelling with pets?

We’ve got the Veterinary Inspection service. Please note that before check-in, animals undergo mandatory veterinary inspection at the airport.

Cabin baggage

Do not wrap your cabin baggage. You may be asked to present its contents during the mandatory pre-flight security check.

Please read the cabin baggage allowance in advance.
When you have dropped off your check-in baggage, you won't be able to transfer anything from your cabin baggage

If your cabin baggage contains items forbidden for carriage in the cabin or has excess weight, you need not dispose of them before the pre-flight security check - you can put such items in temporary storage, by filling out the relevant forms.

If you have checked in yourself,
your cabin baggage has not been weighed.

However, there are restrictions on cabin baggage weight ,
and you may be asked to have it weighed at the pre-flight security check. To avoid complications, always observe the cabin baggage allowance set by your airline.