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(Clothing, accessories, glasses, jewelry)

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Jewelry stores can be found in the domestic and international departures fingers.


Level 1, domestic departures area

Level 1, international departures area

The store offers a large selection of miniature figurines made from the famous Swarovski crystals. A variety of shapes and sizes of crystals will give you a special charm, highlighting your individuality. Here you will find many ideas for pleasant and unusual gifts.

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Level 2, domestic departures area

LUARA is a European jewelry brand bringing together in its jewelry collections the diversity and vitality of modern design trends.

Jewelry collections by LUARA are some of the best on the market. LUARA takes pride in the variety of collections and the high quality of jewelry, which makes the brand popular with customers whose needs and tastes range from festive to daily, classic to trendy, luxurious to casual. The rich selection is a pleasant surprise.

At the heart of LUARA collections are only high-quality materials, gold and silver, precious and semiprecious stones, colorful enamel, inserts of Murano glass and crystals. A special place is held by the exquisite collections of gold with precious and semiprecious stones, fascinating with elegant design and craftsmanship.

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Level 1, domestic departures finger

The first exclusive salon of certified artificial diamond.

Dillant — artificial, patented diamond with physical properties equal to a natural diamond. In the DIALLANT laboratory managed to achieve the ideal characteristics of the stone: purity-VVS1, color-E, light reflection — 10% higher than the diamond. Diallants are cut by hand (this excludes the birefringence of light) and polished to the perfect surface of all faces, which allows you to achieve «eternal shine», like a diamond!

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Level 2 of the Terminal

VOITKO JEWELRY is handmade jewelry. Each product, created by the hands of talented jewelers of the company, is unique.

VOITKO JEWELRY uses advanced methods of gold and gemstones processing for very special jewelry.

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Clothing stores can be found on Level 2 of the Terminal.

Bosco fresh |  Marc & Andre  |  FALKE  |  IARMARKA


Level 2 of the Terminal

A unique brand of clothing for sports and outdoor activities offers an authentic product line - Olympic clothing for athletes and fans.

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Marc & Andre

Level 2, domestic departures area

Exquisite French lingerie, swimwear and homewear created for the most sophisticated clientele.

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Level 2, domestic departures area

FALKE is a unique luxury brand for the whole family, which has been admiring customers for more than 120 years with its perfect quality and modern design.
Created in 1895 by Franz Falke-Roen, it keeps the noble traditions of its Creator, but is improving and developing every year, offering consumers high-tech products, new unusual models and colors.
Beauty, aesthetics and style have become the hallmark of FALKE. An incredible range of socks, stockings, tights and knitwear will be discovered by everyone in any Falke brand boutique around the world.

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Level 2, domestic departures area

The Iarmarka project is a place where ambitious novice designers presented best capsules and collections along with well-known Russian designers. The great advantage of place is a quick reaction to fashion trends, unusual and unique collections of Russian brands. The space gives fashion designers an opportunity to make their first steps in business, to form their own group of consumers, to set the right direction for their further development, and for buyers to create and emphasize their individuality and to purchase a high-quality product which the made in Russia.

Fashionable accessories

Accessories stores can be found in the domestic departures finger.



Level 2, domestic departures finger

Fashionable and stylish accessories from global leading brands: Furla and Piquadro bags and small wares; Miu Miu, Maui Jim, Carrera, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Ray Ban sunglasses; SOKOLOV, DKNY, Swiss Military, Fossil, Diesel, Festina, Michael Kors, Skagen watches; Sokolov jewelry.


Level 1, domestic departures finger

Fashion brand of accessories and jewelry, special for young girls. MARMALATO offers a huge variety of the hottest trends in accessories. We sell hair accessories, shoes, bags, backpacks, school accessories, scarfs, hats, purses and, of course, beautiful jewelry!

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Bags and Cases

On the 2nd floor of the Terminal, one will find a broad selection of travel bags and suitcases.


Level 2, domestic departures finger

Samsonite, established in 1910, is a world's leading luggage brand with a rich heritage and a trendsetter in luggage. Paying close attention to the development of innovative products, including the revolutionary material Curv®, Samsonite rightfully occupies a leading position in the industry. Its broad range includes luggage as well as business, kids, and casual collections and accessories. Mindful of its past triumphs and continuously developing, Samsonite offers travelers increasingly lightweight, durable, and innovative products.

Samsonite's revolutionary products inspire travelers all over the world to undertake new challenges by overcoming distances and discovering new horizons.



Level 2 domestic departure finger

Sunglasses Shop