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Fast food restaurants can be found in the domestic departures fingers and Level 2 of the Terminal's common area.



Level 2 of the Terminal
Ground floor, international departures finger

Average bill: 360 ₽

Сuisine — Street food

SUBWAY is one of the fastest growing fast food restaurant chains around the world. Today it has more than 34,000 restaurants in 96 countries.

Only the freshest ingredients, vegetables, and meat are used in its sandwiches, and homemade bread is baked several times a day following Subway's proprietary technology.

There is no separate kitchen in Subway restaurants, meaning that you can watch the entire preparation process of your sandwich or salad. Moreover, you take part in it!

Quality of the products used in Subway sandwiches and the whole preparation process are strictly regulated and standardized throughout the world.

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1st floor of the passenger terminal

2nd floor of the gallery "C" departure of domestic airlines

2nd floor of the new passenger terminal segment

Average bill: 400 ₽

Сuisine — Fastfood

American fast food restaurant chain Burger King. The menu features iconic grilled whoppers, classic burgers, snacks, and drinks. Treat yourself to crispy, golden breaded onion rings, fried potatoes or country-style potatoes, and healthy salads.

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Level 2 and ground floor, domestic departures finger

Average bill: 380 ₽

Сuisine — Russian

Kroshka-kartoshka is one of the largest fast food chains in Russia. Its signature dish is baked potatoes in foil supplemented with a variety of side dishes: salad with salmon, Russian salad, cold meats, crab meat, Feta cheese with herbs, pickled mushrooms, cheese, ham, etc. In addition to baked potatoes, Kroshka-kartoshka's menu includes sandwiches, hot dishes, soups, salads, various desserts, notably the original berry and fruit crumbles.

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Average bill: 250 ₽

Сuisine — Fastfood

DONER HOUSE is delicious and satisfying food prepared right in front of your eyes. We use only fresh meat and vegetables, which literally turn into delicious shawarma within a minute. Try it, we are sure you will not remain indifferent.


Level 1, international departures airside
Level 2, domestic departures area

Average bill: 750 ₽

Сuisine — European

BudBurger restaurant at Moscow Domodedovo Airport opened at the time of the launch of the brand Bud – the official sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The backbone of the menu are burgers, made in the open kitchen. Here one can try 7 varieties of premium beer accompanied by the specialty burger or sausage. The restaurant offers a beautiful view of the airfield, and the TVs give an opportunity to watch sports events while enjoying the delicious food.


Level 2 of the landside area

(Оpening soon!) Level 1, domestic departures finger

Average bill: 390 ₽

Сuisine — Fastfood

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a world-famous chain of fast-food restaurants specializing in chicken meat dishes.
The uniqueness of KFC lies in the quality of the chicken from which the dishes are prepared. Every morning, local suppliers deliver fresh chilled chicken meat to the chain's restaurants, where chicken is prepared by hand by specially trained chefs according to the unique KFC recipe, creating the unique taste that our Guests like so much!
Currently, there are 21,000 KFC restaurants in more than 130 countries. And that's not the limit!
Harland Sanders' original recipe for "11 herbs and spices" is still considered one of the most famous commercial secrets in the food industry. You can be sure of the original taste of KFC!

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Level 2, domestic departures area

Average bill: 500 ₽

Сuisine — Russian

Here you can try hot dishes, snacks and refreshing drinks, but the backbone of the menu is the traditional Russian hand-made pelmeni and vareniki, enjoyed by people all around the world. Watch the cooking process in the open kitchen. The restaurant preserves the traditional approach to home cooking, and the cozy restyled format, combining modern design and simple serving, will help you enjoy your food to the full.

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Level 2 of the landside area

Average bill – 300 ₽

Сuisine — Fastfood

McDonald’s is the leading fast-food restaurant chain in Russia. The company has been working in the Russian market for over 28 years. And all these years the quality, service and availability were the most important elements of the brand.

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