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Baby care room

Level 1 of the Terminal's common area
Opening hours: 24/7
Fee: Free of charge

Moscow Domodedovo Airport offers all facilities to make the waiting time before departure as comfortable as possible for both children and their accompanying adults.

We offer parents traveling with children:

  • recreation room with sofas and a TV;
  • personal hygiene room with toilets for children and adults, dryers, changing tables;
  • kitchenette for preparing baby food*, equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, hot and cold water dispenser, tabletop with a sink, high chairs for convenient feeding.
* There is no sterilizer in the baby care room. Please prepare the required number of bottles in advance!

Who is the baby care room open to:

  • child up to 8 years old accompanied by an adult;
  • child up to 14 years if accompanied, together with a child under 8 years, by an adult;
  • child with disabilities up to 14 years accompanied by one or two adults per child;
  • pregnant women in the second half of gestational age.

Documents that need to be presented

For passengers with children:

  • Ticket or boarding pass;
  • Passport;
  • Child's birth certificate.

For pregnant women in the second half of pregnancy:

  • Ticket or boarding pass;
  • Passport;
  • Prenatal record.

If you have several children, you will need to present documentary proof of this to gain access to the baby care room.
Same rule applies to accompanied children from large families: one adult per child.

Please note!

Smoking, drinking alcohol and being in alcoholic and / or narcotic intoxication is prohibited;
You cannot take your luggage into the baby care room*;
You cannot take pets into the baby care room;
Responsibility for the safe stay in the baby care room rests with the accompanying person.
If your flight departs soon, you can drop off your baggage. If you have to wait longer, use the baggage storage.

When placing your baggage in storage, you will need to present documents and make payment, therefore you will have to go there with your child.

*It is prohibited to leave luggage in front of the entrance of baby care room.